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DoD Approved Software integrates with VSM and WAWF

Posted by James Lusk on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 12:04 PM

We wanted to share the below press release regarding ODYSSEY's new integration with VSM.DoD approved software

As discussed in previous blog posts software solutions that are integrated offer users the ability to work in the most efficient manor possible.

Please take a moment and review any previous blog posts as well as the below press release reiterating the value of integrated solutions for DoD suppliers.    

ODYSSEY is First to Offer VSM Integration for DoD Suppliers, Non- profit Government Partners and Federal Agencies

ODYSSEY’s WAWF Console VSM Integration Modernizes Department of Defense Commerce Workflow Process

CINCINNATI — ODYSSEY (http://www.odysseydcs.com/), the leader in defense commerce solutions and only Department of Defense (DoD) commerce solution provider delivering an integrated, cross-departmental workflow process utilizing an efficient and effective cloud- based platform, announced today that its WAWF Console module will offer full vendor shipment module (VSM) integration. The addition of this interactive functionality makes ODYSSEY the first and only company to offer such comprehensive services to DoD commercial suppliers, non- profit government partners and federal agencies. RFID Software, DoD Approved

This integration will allow organizations to streamline their DoD commerce processes by working within one comprehensive platform. Programmatically and in real-time, users will be able to submit required contract data and receive updated shipping instructions from VSM without leaving their WAWF Console module, allowing organizations to work efficiently by eliminating redundant data entry and opportunity for error. The efforts put forth through calibration on each side will also have a direct and immediate benefit within the DoD supply chain. These measures will help ensure integrity of data relevant to critical shipping instructions, as well as assist in the DoD inventory control methodology. The data the integration will directly incorporate into RFID and Non-RFID military standard compliant labels include, but are not limited to, updated TCN numbers, project codes, ship to DoDAACs, and ultimate consignee. 

“The VSM Integration essentially enables us to communicate directly with the government module, so when we process these transactions, we can stay within the ODYSSEY platform without having to log out. This allows us to shave about five minutes off of each order. We process roughly 1,000 orders a month, so this really adds up,” said Patrick Able, General Manager of Government Business, TW Metals. “And we appreciate that Odyssey made us a part of this process. When they developed this product, they actually asked for our feedback so they could create something that would be the most beneficial to their clients. Each time Odyssey adds capability to their platform, we save time, and in this climate of price pressure, limited budgets and increased competition, time is money. This is vital to our long-term success in the government market.”

We are thrilled to offer this added level of integration to our clients,” said James Lusk, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ODYSSEY. “DoD suppliers follow very specific, and at times, complicated requirements to complete a successful transaction; our job is to make that as seamless as possible.”

For more information about ODYSSEY’s WAWF Console VSM integration and other defense commerce soutions, visit http://www.odysseydcs.com/.



Watch iRAPT Console VSM Integration Here!

About ODYSSEY                     

ODYSSEY was founded in 2006, intent on being a one-of-a-kind Department of Defense (DoD) commerce solution provider. Seven years later, ODYSSEY stands as the only provider delivering an integrated, cross-departmental workflow process utilizing an efficient and effective cloud-based platform. ODYSSEY has emerged as the leader in defense commerce solutions and the preferred platform for hundreds of DoD commercial suppliers, non-profit government partners and federal agencies. Partners of ODYSSEY have transformed their DoD commerce by streamlining the entire workflow process into a review environment rather than data entry. For more information, visit http://www.odysseydcs.com/.



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RFID Software; DoD shipping resource integration

Posted by James Lusk on Tue, Mar 5, 2013 @ 16:03 PM

Since you're reading this article it's probable that you or someone in your company is familiar with the required special steps it takes to process a DoD award versus an order from a standard commercial entity.

The DoD process is often overwhelming and missunderstood by companies working in government space. The reason it is a challenge for these companies and their personnel is because the required steps and data vary depending on the

  • Issuing agency, 
  • Award type,
  • Receiving depot and,
  • Asset class, etc.

 Updated 'Ship To DoDAAC'   RFID software

One of the steps in the DoD process involves receiving shipping information from the government so that compliant MIL-STD 129 p change 4  labels can be created and a shipment successfully transmitted to WAWF for payment.

The DoD methodology behind this process may seem odd to some, but it does make sense. 

Often times it is impossible at 'time of award' to know exactly where an asset is headed or the appropriate DoDAAC information to provide the contractor.

Because of the gap in 'practical information' the contractor must then reach out to the government at time of shipment to obtain the proper 'Ship To DoDAAC'.

The only way the data can be obtained is by logging into the government's site  DLA and Vendor Shipment Module VSM formerly known as DPMS.

Once logged into the site, the contractor must first provide data about the award so that they are able to receive the required information regarding the appropriate 'Ship To DoDAAC'.

The integrity of these data elements is extremely important and required within two areas of a compliant shipment.

  1. Human readable and barcoded on a physical label
  2. Transmitted to WAWF for accounting purposes

On the surface obtaining this information sounds like a pretty straight forward deal.

The challenge in this process is that all the other tasks involved with creating compliant labels are occurring in one or more unrelated software applications outside of the government's website.

The user is forced to 'copy and paste' or 'type in' information from multiple websites-into other websites to successfully complete a transaction. Data is being transmitted through various methods including

  • hand entering
  • copy and paste
  • writing down and re-typing
  • copying and handing off

and all of these examples must be manged with zero opportunity for error otherwise the organizations ABVS score is negatively affected or worse, non-payment ensues.

That is tough stuff and a lot of unneeded pressure! 

This one example is reason enough for companies to shy away from bidding on government contracts.

Integrated Solutions       describe the image

The ideal situation for a company is to have all DoD commerce activities,including RFID software; integrate with the many resources provided by the government.

Integrated software solutions allow customers to complete all tasks from one interface without logging in and out of software applications, websites or utilizing hand written notes. 

With respect to VSM and the data required to complete compliant labels and shipments; integration IS possible!

Odyssey-the leader in defense commerce solutions is the first solution provider to offer DoD suppliers an integrated and automated way to retrieve the following data elements and more!

  • Ship to DoDAACs and Addresses
  • TCN #'s
  • Priority Code
  • POD
  • Project Code
  • Required Delivery Date
  • Ultimate Consignee

DoD work is great although spending 80% of employees time on 20% of business is neither Efficient or Effective

If the DoD is the core of your business it makes sense to do things as Efficiently and Effectively as possible

Reach out to us and we will evaluate your current process and help determine if the revolution in DoD commerce is a good fit for your organization!

 Schedule a 20 Minute Call!



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